Saturday, September 10, 2016

Gaia Grounding Alignment - by Joanna L. Ross @ Universal Unity

Gaia Grounding Alignment  - by Joanna L. Ross @ Universal Unity

Gaia ~ Universal Grounding Breathe deeply 3 times and visualize an infinity cycle between you, Gaia, and the Universe. With each inhale, visualize spiraling Gaia’s loving offerings and light through your vessel moving in an upward motion, from the core of Gaia through the pillar of light of all that you are, and through the chakra centers, up to the crown chakra, at which you hold your breath for 5 seconds, spiral loving intent and entanglement with the Universal Mind and All life within Creation, and then slowly exhale breath intending your loving offering to then move in a spiraling motion down through the chakra centers, that has entangled with the Universal mind and It’s offerings, dancing with you, to the sands and soils of Gaia and down through her loving sacred heart core.

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Original meditation by Joanna L. Ross

Connect with our meditation and align with your highest and best and create the free flow of information with your higher self.

Preparing the ascending ones for contact, higher realm communication, and ascension for new earth!

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