Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Jesus through John - God loves you and has given you everything. January...

God loves you and has given you everything. January 10, 2017 Jesus by John Smallman

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All are One, there is no separation because separation is an unreal state that you collectively imagined into your Mind in order to play the illusory games in which you have been so caught up for eons of your time, but which, in Reality, was only only a very brief momentary thought of separation. But because you are so powerful you were able to make it appear very real and solid. Now the collective You has chosen to let it fade away, and so it will. The Tsunami of Love continues to build in intensity all across the world as more and more of you choose to engage lovingly with yourselves always, and then with everyone else with whom you interact in even the briefest and seemingly almost imperceptible manner.

Your loving brother, Jesus.

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