Thursday, April 13, 2017

Holofractal Universal Oneness & the Prism of Quantum Consciousness by Ta...

Holofractal Universal Oneness & the Prism of Quantum Consciousness - Rainbow Ascension Series #1:

We are Oneness experiencing itself through the medium of separation called consciousness. One light, many colors. Albert Einstein famously said, “Matter is Energy. Energy is Light. We are all Light Beings.” In this sense we can infer our inherent Universal Oneness at source. Our nature is holofractal. Just as a single fractal contains infinite fractals within it, Oneness contains infinite facets of consciousness. Conversely, just as every separate piece of a shattered holographic plate contains the entire image of the hologram, each consciousness contains the totality of Oneness within it.

Without separation, the singularity of Oneness cannot fully experience itself. Analogous to the white light of the sun, it cannot express its full potential without the medium of a raindrop to act as the prism for refracting the light and unveiling the rainbow of colors that inherently lie hidden within its spectrum. Simply put, light is Oneness passing through the medium of our consciousness which acts as the prism for fulfilling its potentialities in what we experience as “Life”.

Each quantum consciousness co-creates and experiences life uniquely much in the same way that the sunlight’s angle and speed produce a certain color of the rainbow (while masking others) as it passes through the raindrop. Our consciousness similarly refracts the probabilities of Oneness and subsequently unveils and hides different levels of awareness, coloring life uniquely for each person. This produces the conditions necessary to lead a life-path that is vital to the soul’s integration of the potentialities we have yet to fulfill along our journey through Oneness.

With the understanding of Oneness paradoxically masquerading as separation via individualized consciousness, we can begin to understand and appreciate the different degrees of awareness that manifest here on Earth at this time. We can now view them not as lesser or greater than other levels of awareness, but as the necessitous, strategic unveiling and masking of Oneness experiencing itself.

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