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Do You See Us? Blog Novel Chapter 1 by Suzanne Lie MAY 21, 2016

This one made me cry as I remembered what happened to me. Thank you Suzanne Lie for sharing this experience with us.

Do You See Us?

Blog Novel Chapter 1 by Suzanne Lie

MAY 21, 2016


First Contact

I woke up this morning with a sentence in my ear, “Do you see us?” The message seemed so loud and clear that I instantly sat up and began to look around the room. Seeing nothing, I laid back down. As I was closing my eyes, I heard again, “Do you see us?” With a new determination, as this question was clearly not a part of a dream, I got out of bed and started inspecting the room for the “us” that I was supposed to see. But, once again, I saw nothing. Finally, I decided that whether or not I had been dreaming, or was, half asleep, I needed a drink of water. As I started to walk through my bedroom door towards the kitchen, I suddenly “felt” something. To my surprise, it felt like love, in fact it felt like a kind of unconditional love that is very rare in daily life. This was not the kind of human love that many people want, but are actually afraid of. This love did not bring up any issues of “Am I good enough?” This love was free of any concept of "good enough,” and felt totally unconditional.

Suzanne Lie

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