Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Preparing For First Contact A Novel by the Pleiadians Chapter 2 The Reco...

Preparing For First Contact

A Novel by the Pleiadians, through Suzanne Lie

TUESDAY, MAY 24, 2016

Chapter two - The Recovery

After my long tour on the third dimension, it was taking me longer than usual to re-adapt to my innate fifth dimensional resonance. Fortunately, whenever I awoke from my healing sleep, I saw my beloved complement, Sheila, next to me. With her constant love and caring, I released the painful experiences of my incarnation on third-dimensional Earth and returned to my joyous and unconditionally loving memories on our Pleiadian Starship. Since our Starships resonated to the NOW of the fifth dimension and beyond, my healing was basically a process of re-calibrating my consciousness back into my innate fifth dimensional resonance. As I moved through this process of re-calibration, I realized how brave the earthbound humans were to incarnate during that era of great change. While I was recovering from my away mission to Earth, I allowed the memories of my third dimensional experience on transitioning Earth to flow into my mind. I knew that as soon as I was ready, I would be called for a de-briefing of what I had learned on Earth during the era of Her pending transmutation into higher frequencies of resonance. In my mental preparation for my debriefing, the first thing that came into my awareness was how differently I perceived that reality from my fifth dimensional perspective, then when I was living within it.

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