Monday, December 12, 2016

Chapter 69 “Our Divine Destiny, A Saul Book”

Seattle December 10th
12/11/2016 by John Smallman
A very successful workshop on channeling was held this afternoon in Seattle, and this guidance from Saul (which is #69 in the book “Our Divine Destiny, A Saul Book”) was shared with the attendees as an introduction: Chapter 69 “Our Divine Destiny, A Saul Book” by John Smallman

Chapter 69

As he says anyone can channel. Truly we are all one and therefore we are permanently connected to God, Source, the spiritual realms, and each one of us incarnate as a human has a number of loving entities in the those realms watching over us in every moment, waiting for us to call on them for assistance.

So, make a space in your day where you will be undisturbed by the demands of earthly life, relax, let go of the attention you are paying to your earthly needs, worries, and concerns, and set the intent to make contact with the one in the spiritual realms who is awaiting your call. Then, without expectation or any sense of needing to try and hear that entity, just allow your intuition to bring into your conscious awareness whatever message your personal entity in the spiritual realms has for you.

If you can just allow, without expectation of a particular required answer to any question you may ask, and be open to receive, you will receive a response meant specifically for you. It may, and quite likely will be totally different from what you imagined you might hear, but it will be absolutely appropriate for you, personally.

Enjoy the opportunity you give yourself by taking this short break in your busy day, and if on the first attempt you do not appear to get a response, then repeat the exercise until you do. Everyone does have a guide, angel, or mentor in the spiritual realms awaiting that call who will respond to them! Be patient, open, and willing to hear something that seems to come from out of left field. Your guides want to commune with you because they sincerely desire to help you, you just have to allow their messages of love to flow into your awareness.

So many of us have feelings of unworthiness or unacceptability that we feel that no one in the spiritual realms would wish to commune with us, but this is not the case, everyone of us has a spiritual support team that really wants to commune with us and help us with the issues that we face in our daily lives.

Just know that your prayers and queries are always heard and always answered. Take a break and ask for the guidance that awaits your request for it.


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