Sunday, December 25, 2016

Message to Lightworkers from Mother Mary and the Company of Heaven Decem...

Message to Lightworkers from Mother Mary and the Company of Heaven
Christmas Message ~ As Channeled through Fran Zepeda
December 25, 2016

Hello Everyone! I am reposting this message from Mother Mary and the Company of Heaven that I channeled 5 years ago tonight … I was nudged to share it with you again, now, with Mother Mary’s Blessing, as it is still very, very timely, and speaks to us just as powerfully as if it was current, I feel … It is something we all can enjoy and also take in and utilize at this very auspicious time … I feel like she was nudging me to share it with you because it deeply pertains to what we are experiencing and needing to focus on with the end of this 9 year and beginning of the 1 year, 2017, the Year of Unity and Oneness. and New Beginnings! I wish you all a JOYous Season and send you all Blessings and Love, along with my deep Gratitude for your beautiful presence in my life….Namaste.

December 24, 2011

Mother Mary and the Company of Heaven:

We come to you on this very auspicious day, the eve of the birth of my beloved Yeshua. The world began to transform that day and the love and joy in my heart and womb brought tears to my heart as a new beginning for Earth was destined to commence. The love has not died. It remains as an eternal flame in all your bosoms, as it is in mine, as I come before you with a message of love. Love and Mercy, my dear ones. I am the harbinger of Love, the mother of Grace, and I beseech you all to be the heralders of love for all mankind. It is within you, and is being spread without you, bearing so much radiance that you would be astounded were you to see it from our perspective.

Fran Zepeda

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