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Hierarchy by Sister Pam October 6, 2016

Hierarchy October 6, 2016 by Sister Pam

There Is Such a Thing as Hierarchy.

Hierarchy is from the Greek   Hieros and A rkhein That respectivement mean "Sacred" and "to Order". Do you see?

It is not that Some souls are better. Because it is Some souls are bigger. There is always one bigger than you. The Bigger They Are the Bigger Their love. It still surprises me every time I feel blown away by Love. Have you ever felt that? When I am in the presence of the bigger ones, I do not feel humiliated. I do not feel small, I feel GREAT! I feel right at my place. Imagine The Smallest of us occasionally shining as much as all the others combined.

I am happy there are bigger ones than me. Without 'em I would-have much more on my shoulders. I am happy just the way my life is. I do my share in every moment. I Remain silent and mostly I do what God wants. That's how I roll! And I love it! It's exciting. God is really funny, you know.

There Is Such a Thing as Hierarchy.

We are of the Smallest ones, now. They say Heaven Has not beens la même since we left. There are Many kinds of us. We are the rainbow. What is your kind? Do you know your kind well? Indeed Because we are one of a kind.

And think of the faeries, the gnomes. Pixies and Elementals. Many tiny little souls flying around in Apparently chaotic patterns. They are The Smallest of us. They know well Their Place. They do not show Themselves bigger than They Are. And to Illustrate That, I will leave you with this fable from Jean de Lafontaine That our tiny tiny faery friends inspired me to share with you. Enjoy!

A frog puts a bull

That Seemed to _him_ of a good size.

He was not as big as an egg,

envious, extend and enlarge and plowing

Has matching the animal in size.

Saying: "Look at me, sister;

Is it enough? Say: Am I there yet?

Not even-Now? - Not at all. Now?

No closer. "The puny creature

Bloated and popped.


Jean de Lafontaine, Paris, 1668

I am Sister Pam, I pray God will unite us in joy and laughter. Oh! and, I can’t wait to see you in your own good time.

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