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MARY MAGDALENE The End of the Third Dimension October 14, 2016

MARY MAGDALENE: The End of the Third Dimension

Received by Mercedes Kirkel

In a Group Channeling Occasion

October 14, 2016

Question: In this time of turmoil and negative energy, fighting, killing, and what have you in the world, many times people feel anger or hate even, as a response to what’s going on. When you are affected directly or indirectly, that brings all kinds of emotions. What does Mary have to say about that and how can we deal with that?

Mary Magdalene: Thank you for this question because it is a very important one.

These events that are happening can be seen in many different ways. In one way, they are like a cleansing or a purification to bring out things, so that humans have an opportunity to make a different response. These things have always been going on, or for such a very long time that it may seem like always in your world. It is not new that these things are happening. It is new that they are being reported on a global level and you are hearing about things that you might not have heard about in the past. Because of technology and technological abilities that are available now, they are at times happening on a larger scale, and at times also happening across global borders. So this seems to be affecting you in a new way.

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