Monday, October 3, 2016

October Swirls by Meline Portia Lafont

October Swirls

by Méline portia Lafont

October 3, 2016

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The energies of October are swirling. Just like the fall in the Northern Hemisphere has begun and the spring arises in the Southern Hemisphere, the energies of this month will take us like a swirl from loss – letting go to receiving – birth. Just like the tree is releasing its leafs and the spring sprouts the new birth we are to experience a dance of these same activities as energies. This within our personal world as well as within the collective.

Blessings and Love


I emphasize you all being Masters in your own right to do it yourself and to get it out of you very strongly! It's been said for a while now by many, not only me. You are ready and graduated now in that sense to do it on your own now. Please know this. You do not need me nor anyone else, be your own teacher and learn from yourself. Explore your beautiful energy and Being, and enjoy those moments. You learn best by being inside of you and the best teacher is your own world/self.

The time of letting someone else do the work for you is over and done with. It is part of the outer reality perception and exactly this outer reality/world is no longer present nor existing any time soon. I prefer to use the word NOW because you are already seeing and feeling it happening. Once you have read the book, all that is left is to do it from then on.

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